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Wednesday 28 March 2007
Strategy review meeting on Thursday night at 7.30 pm

Preparations are moving ahead for the Strategy Meeting on Thursday 29 March. The meeting will be held in the back bar at Kingsmeadow from 7.30 pm onwards. After some short introductory talks, there will be opportunities to give your views to the various group leaders in a series of 20 minute sessions. As an aid to that the various groups have come up with some questions on which they would like your input. They are:

1. How does a return to Merton (or must it be Wimbledon) compare in importance to progress on the pitch?
2. What are the most important improvements needed at Kingsmeadow in the short and medium terms and how should we balance expenditure between them?
3. Were we able to develop a 10,000 capacity stadium at Kingsmeadow, would that make you feel our future was definitely there?

1. In what ways do we attempt to communicate with and listen to our fanbase and the wider community at present ?
2. How effective are our current communication methods, and how well informed are our members and supporters ?
3. What areas of communications need improvement ?

1. How many boards should there be and should people be able to be members of more than one?
2. Which issues should be decided at which level (club, DT Board, DT members, fan base) and how can we ensure they are decided at the level we want?
3. What areas of control would we be willing to hand over in exchange for investment and what should always remain in control of trust members?

1. Can we improve our current business activities - principally events, functions, sponsorship and merchandising?
2. Which new business areas can we exploit, how will they change as we move through the leagues and how can we best exploit them?
3. Are there activities we shouldn?t undertake, for example hosting functions for political organisations or accepting sponsorship from particular companies?

Youth and Community
1. What do we mean by community and what is our community?
2. What is the priority of our community work when set against football and commercial priorities?
3. What activities should we be undertaking to engage with our community?

and, for the youth side
4. To what degree should we be developing our youth academy and encouraging the development of local, home grown talent?

1. How do other clubs (some trust-owned and some not) finance their spending?
2. What are the cost structures of clubs in higher leagues?
3. What can we learn about good practice in all areas (e.g. football development; corporate governance; community involvement; etc)?

1. To what extent can and should we remain a club led and run by volunteers?
2. How can we broaden the volunteer base and ensure we do not allow volunteers to become overloaded?
3. Where should we be looking to build our fan base for the future?

1. If we find we can?t afford the money we need to get promotion(s) how else might we raise it?
2. What might we have offer in return for a substantial investment in the club?
3. Is it possible for the Trust to give up some of its control in return for investment while not losing all of it?

Of course if you have other issues, you?ll be very welcome to raise them, there will be table for collecting all the points that might be falling down the cracks between the groups. Thursday won?t be the end of the chance to contribute to the discussion, we have a discussion website open here.

You will need to register to contribute and the group leaders will read and respond to the ideas put forward as well as requesting any further input their groups need. We also hope to announce some further initiatives in the coming week but, if at all possible, please make sure you are there making your voice heard on Thursday.