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Wednesday 05 December 2007
Extract from the programme, Chelmsford, 1 December 2007

As explained in the following article, selected pages from the programme will be reproduced here as a feature, a few days after the relevant home game. The first is Erik Samuelson's page from last Saturday's home programme.

There may be minor differences between the article as printed here and the version in the programme - these are caused by last minute proofing amendments.


Good afternoon and a warm welcome back to Kingsmeadow for the fans, players and officials of Chelmsford City.

Today I will bring you up to date on several matters. First, you may remember that there were plans to introduce "Ryman TV"; for reasons that aren't clear to me, the deal collapsed. We had separate discussions with Invision, the company with which the league was negotiating but, with the league's deal falling through, we have turned our attention elsewhere.

We are now talking to a company about participating in a beta test of a product which will allow match highlights to be viewed full-screen on home computers, rather than the smaller-sized picture that you tend to get on sites such as YouTube. We know that many fans miss the highlights that DonsOnline provided, and we are anxious to provide an improved service. Our current intention is to provide the service free. So watch this space -- at least until there is a highlights edition to watch!

Next, the club's website. We know that it needs better and more timely information. So I've asked our new club secretary, David Charles, to make some small but noticeable improvements immediately. You may have noticed that he has reintroduced the "This week at AFC Wimbledon" feature, which we know is well liked. He has also started to put up a brief match summary very soon after each game, linked to fuller match reports coming a little later. Also, the fixtures, results and tables for the reserves, Under-19s and Under-18s are now up to date. Further improvements will follow.

When I was appointed, many people were complaining that much of the programme was just a rehash of the OS. While I thought this was unfair, I decided that I would use my page to talk about certain matters first, so that there is a genuine news content in the programme. Now I'm hearing that some people feel that they have to buy a programme to find out what is going on.

Fair enough: starting with today's programme, most of the pages I've written this season (plus selected articles from future programmes) will appear on the OS a few days after each home game. In the medium term, I've asked David to conduct a survey of programme readers (and non-readers, to find out why not) and to review how we can improve the OS more generally, as it feels like it's time for it to be refreshed.

These things can't be implemented overnight, and David is still settling in -- having found, to his surprise, that there is a lot more going on in the club than he realised, and it is a lot more complex too. Maybe that is a suitable subject for a programme article one day.

Lastly, a piece of good news. Fields in Trust (formerly known as the National Playing Fields Association) have thrown their weight behind our joint bid for Morden Park. The timetable appears to be running a little late, but we still hope to be one of the candidates to be invited to present plans to Merton Council in the near future.

Enjoy the game.