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Monday 07 March 2011
Fans' Survey

The full results of the recent Fans' Survey have been announced in a Press Release as follows:



The fans of AFC Wimbledon are determined to keep control of their football club.

This is the headline result of an independently audited survey carried out by the Dons Trust, the supporters trust that owns AFC Wimbledon, as part of an ongoing process to determine the future model, direction and location of the club. The results of the first part of the survey, which canvassed opinion from a broad cross-section of Wimbledon supporters (including Trust members, season ticket holders, and both regular and casual fans), have now been collated. The key headline from the results was that the overwhelming majority of the 730 respondents rejected any future sell-out to a sugar-daddy type “saviour” who would take full control over their club in return for a fast-track injection of cash to build a new stadium and to vault the club into the big leagues.

Perry Walker from the New Economics Foundation (NEF) guided the Dons Trust Survey Working Group through the process. NEF was invited by the Dons Trust Board last April to help fans thrash out and articulate their vision for the club’s future using the NEF’s innovative “consensus voting” approach, designed to help groups with differing opinions to find common ground. The Board wanted to find out what supporters thought about four key areas for the club: its future location, its ownership, their ambition, and how any new stadium should be funded. The conclusions that Perry drew from the results of the survey are that:

• The key issue for the club’s supporters is continued fan-ownership.

• The second most important issue is location, with a preference for a return to Wimbledon/Merton, but many fans indicated that Kingston/SW London would be acceptable if it meant not losing control of their club.

• Supporters are also cautiously ambitious, but do not want the cost of promotion to be losing their ownership of the club.

• Finally, how a new stadium would be funded is less of a concern to supporters as long as they do not lose control.

Having had their club taken from them once before, it is perhaps unsurprising that Wimbledon supporters are firmly against any sell-out, wishing to retain overall control of their club. And as AFC Wimbledon continues to hold discussions with both the London Borough of Merton and the Royal Borough of Kingston about potential sites for a new stadium, the club will now have a clearer idea of the fans’ preference for its location.

Nicole Hammond, chair of the Survey Working Group and Dons Trust Board member, says: “It is gratifying that most fans put control of the club as their number one priority. As a board member, it is very helpful for me to have this feedback from our community. The next stage of the process will be to engage the Dons Trust membership in a further round of consensus voting, with the emphasis on investigating more subtle nuances around the headline results from this first round.

“I would like to thank those fans who have given us their views and would urge any who are not yet Dons Trust members to join now if they want to make sure that their opinions count in the next stage.”


Wimbledon FC supporters formed AFC Wimbledon in 2002, when their club’s future was determined by an FA committee to be in Milton Keynes.

AFC Wimbledon is run and owned by its supporters through the Dons Trust, which currently has over 1,800 members. The Dons Trust Board is made up of elected supporters who have the responsibility for the club’s progress while following members’ wishes. Dons Trust membership is open to any and all supporters who care about the long-term wellbeing of AFC Wimbledon.

The club is currently in the Conference Premier, one step away from its stated aim of returning to the Football League.